Woodlake Proclaims Itself “Community For Child Well Being.”

Woodlake becomes second community in California to make proclamation

DSC_0071On Monday, June 27, the Woodlake city council made an official proclamation that the city was a “Community For Child Well Being.” Woodlake is the second community in California, and possibly the nation, to make such an official proclamation, after Farmersville.  The community will be working together to seek ways to promote child well being and prevent child abuse. Many community members in Woodlake, as well as supporters throughout Tulare County were there, including local girl scout troop Central California North.


New Executive Director, Ramona Chiapa, declares what this means

Ramona Chiapa introduced the proclamation with a speech about what it will mean to actively be a community for well being”

Mayor Rudy Mendoza Gives Powerful Speech

Before approving the proclamation, Mayor Rudy Mendoza stated that they would not be satisfied with words, but that they expected a “return on their investment:”

“…and the investment is the time and the resources that are put together by this community on this specific issue. And so what we would like to see is that this not be driven by the council or the City in Woodlake, but that this be driven by the entire community of Woodlake and that is the prevention of child abuse in every home, in every community throughout the county of Tulare.

In other words, this isn’t just about us today in passing a proclamation that recognizes an issue, but rather that the community comes together and that we work together to prevent child abuse in our communities together as a whole. That means that you, every one of you in the audience today are responsible for letting somebody know when you have a concern about child abuse within your neighborhoods, within your homes, within the entire community of Woodlake. That is the only way that this is going to work. Otherwise, we’re just sitting here and wasting our time in a proclamation that doesn’t work.

So I hope you will join this council and every member of the community in working together to address the issue of child abuse by voicing your concerns.”