Membership Renewal Letter

I want to thank you for your dedication and commitment to the children of Tulare County. CAPC has always been an organization that fights for the future and safety of every child and family we serve. As a council member, your membership ensures that CAPC’s vision to end child abuse by promoting healthy families where children realize their potential, becoming successful community members will continue and thrive. 

We would now like to ask you to renew your membership to continue to be a part of CAPC and retaining access to the organizational benefits:

  • Networking with community organizations
  • Monthly professional development opportunities
  • The most current child abuse and neglect data for Tulare County
  • Discount to the 16th Annual CLM Conference
  • CAP Month Awareness kits
  • Training for your staff and organization families

 Additionally, over the next year, we will continue focusing on our mission to prevent child abuse by building and maintaining community collaborations, by coordinating quality services, and by disseminating information for children and families.

Attached, you’ll find a copy of our membership application form.  One major change in the application process this year is there is no membership fee.  Once your organization submits the application you will receive a discount code to be used for the 2021 Annual CLM Conference.

If you have any questions about the renewal process, please contact us at  Thank you once again for your commitment to the families of Tulare County. Together we can do more!

Best Regards,

Amanda Guajardo Ernie S. Flores

 CAPC Executive Director CAPC Board of Directors


The Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention Council holds the unique
position of serving as the membership organization for many of Tulare
County’s Prevention Efforts. We strive to increase attention on and
knowledge about strategies that help reduce the likelihood that child

abuse and/or neglect will occur.

Your membership gives you a voice in the prevention
community, an opportunity to contribute to enriching the lives

of children and helps support the goals of CAPC