What We Do

The Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention Council’s primary purpose is to organize and oversee the community’s efforts to prevent child abuse. CAPC provides information and resources at community events, as well as the following resources

Speaking Engagements

Speakers can present programs on child abuse prevention, local activities to increase awareness, local services and ideas for increasing public awareness about this issue. Fill out a request on CAPC's contact form or call 559-735-0456 for more information.

Mandated Reporter Training

Mandated Reporter Training is offered by Tulare County Child Welfare Services and Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention Council. If you are a Mandated Reporter and would like training on the law and your responsibilities, please fill out the contact form or call 735-0456. More information on mandated reporting and reporting form

 CAPC also leads the following six ongoing activities:

The Lisa Project in 10: Some Secrets Should Be Told

This 10 minute experience brings participants into the stories of child abuse victims. It also helps the engaged community  to more effectively respond to child abuse around them. Bring The Lisa Project to your community, school, business, event, etc...

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Student Action Clubs

Following The Lisa Project exhibits, students have chosen to further the work of child abuse awareness on their campuses. CAPC provides advisorship to the clubs and opportunities to promote child abuse prevention.

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Communities For Child Well Being

CAPC partners with communities seeking to improve child well being and prevent child abuse in tangible ways. Farmersville is the first Community for Child Well Being. Get information on what we've been doing and how your community can join.

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Tulare County Human Trafficking Resources

CAPC is helping in the community effort to end child sex trafficking by providing information and resources regarding local human trafficking response efforts through a newsletter, website, and local projects. 

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Cynthia Lockhart Mummery Conferences

The annual conference focuses on a specific area of child abuse each year, with experts presenting material to assist professionals working with children, as well as the community at large, to address and prevent child abuse more effectively.

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Blue Ribbon Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness month, also known as blue ribbon month. CAPC provides materials and leadership to participate in child abuse awareness and prevention efforts.

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