The Lisa Project in 10 is a unique multi-sensory exhibit experience allowing the visitor to hear, see and experience the reality of the world of child abuse.

Through audio narration from a child’s perspective visitors are guided room by room through scenarios depicting abuse. This experience is fully immersing each guest into the world that these children face on a daily basis.

The result of this experience is a community that is made more aware with positive and helpful steps given at the end of the tour to protect children and strengthen families.

The Lisa Project in 10 begins with a gut wrenching 911 call by a 6 year old girl during a domestic violence situation at her home. It was the vision of creator Gene Hardin that The Lisa Project would bring the reality of child abuse to light to encourage intervention and prevention of child abuse.

The Lisa Project in 10, which is presented by CAPC,  is a ten  minute, simplified version of the original The Lisa Project which allows for easier access through the exhibit, while still experiencing the heart of The Lisa Project experience. The exhibit is easily transported and affordable to host.



It’s a public health concern for us [abuse and neglect]. We know those children don’t do as well in school…they’re more likely to drop out of high school and more likely to have behavioral problems…this is an opportunity for us to make change happen in the here and now. Cheryl Lennon-Armas ~ Former Executive Director, Tulare County Youth Services Bureau