Tulare County Human Trafficking Resources

The average age of entry in sex trafficking in the Central Valley is 13-16. It is happening here.
(source: Central Valley against Human Trafficking)

CAPC is part of the county wide effort to effectively address commercial sexual exploitation of children in our community is  a partner in the Tulare County Human Trafficking Coalition. The coalition meets quarterly (see our calendar for the next meeting). To participate in the coalition, contact the Tulare County District Attorney's Office, 636-5494.

see the TCDA  human trafficking page


Suspect Human Trafficking?

Signs of Possible Child Sex or Labor Trafficking

  • Has unexplained absences from school for a period of time, and is therefore a truant
  •  Demonstrates an inability to attend school on a regular basis
  •  Chronically runs away from home
  • Makes references to frequent travel to other cities
  • Exhibits bruises or other physical trauma, withdrawn behavior, depression, or fear
  • Lacks control over her or his schedule or identification documents
  • Is hungry-malnourished or inappropriately dressed (based on weather conditions or surroundings)
  • Shows signs of drug addiction

Additional signs that may indicate sex-related trafficking include:

  • Demonstrates a sudden change in attire, behavior, or material possessions (e.g., has expensive items)
  • Makes references to sexual situations that are beyond age-specific norms
  • Has a “boyfriend” who is noticeably older (10+ years)
  • Makes references to terminology of the commercial sex industry that are beyond age-specific norms; engages in
    promiscuous behavior and may be labeled “fast” by peers

•not getting paid for their labor
•not free to change employers
•being controlled by someone else
•being forced to do something they don't want to do
•has been cheated into payment of debt upon arrival
You, he, or she may be a victim of human trafficking and eligible for free assistance.

Call the National Human Trafficking hotline at 888-373-7888 for more information. Or, text "INFO" or "HELP" to BEFREE (233733)
Visit our page "Human Trafficking Indicators" to learn more about the signs of human trafficking.

Local Trainers and Speakers

Contact these entities to receive training for your workplace or group.

Tulare County Human Trafficking Task Force

Contact: Stacy Plantier, Tulare County District Attorney's Office, 559-636-5494

The Tulare County Human Trafficking Task Force provides training with speakers from Tulare County Child Welfare Services, Family Services of Tulare County, and the Tulare County District ttorney’s Office

Topics:  Anything concerning human trafficking.

Audience:  All groups, including, general public, professionals, educators, etc.

Homeland Security Investigation

Contact: Daniel Ruiz, Resident Agent in Charge, Homeland Security Investigations/Fresno (Fresno, Tulare, Kings, Madera, Merced, and Mariposa Counties), 559-487-6003

Audience: Public, law enforcement, NGOs, etc.

Types of Training/Presentations:  HSI Provides presentations, training, etc  on ex trafficking, general human trafficking, CSEC, labor trafficking, etc.   HSI can offer a  HSI 101 presentation coupled with a HSI Human Trafficking/Victims 101 Presentation.



Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Contact: Nicole St. Germain, Program Analyst/Outreach & Education Coordinator, nicole.stgermain@eeoc.gov, 213-894-1054

EEOC provides training/presentations regarding human trafficking, as well as employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, genetic information and retaliation under all statutes.

Audience: Presentations and outreach with public or private entities can be made upon request.


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Freedom Sunday

CAPC has developed resources for the local faith based community to connect to the human trafficking effort. Freedom Sunday, created by Not For Sale, is a day for churches and other faith based groups to focus on human trafficking.

Freedom Sunday can be observed any day. See more information here.

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Chosen- The True Story of America's Trafficked Teens

One important way to address child sex trafficking is by bringing awareness to youth and adults about the tactics used to lure youth into trafficking, both as a means of prevention as well as identification of a possible sex trafficking situation.

Build awareness with youth and adults who work with youth by showing Chosen. Chosen is a series of videos created by Shared Hope Int’l for youth that tell the story of sex trafficking victims in their own words, and provides valuable information about what to do if one suspects a sex trafficking situation.

Videos include Chosen, Chosen Gang Edition, and Chosen in Spanish and can be purchase through Shared Hope International.

CAPC has a copy of the Chosen videos and can provide film  screenings. Contact CAPC for more information.

Other Ways To Get Involved

Download Take Action Against Human Trafficking  in Tulare County Handout

Here are some other ways you can make a difference locally:

Educate yourself and the youth in your life.
Teach the youth in your life about the tactics of sex trafficking and empower them to educate each other.

Use Chosen and these other resources

Learn the signs. Know how to respond.
Put the National Human Trafficking Hotline number 888-373-7888 in your phone and use it when you

Get more information on the signs of human trafficking  here. 

Hang up human trafficking awareness posters.
The Tulare County District Attorney’s Office has created posters to reach out to potential victims and those who may have witnessed trafficking. We need help getting these hung up throughout the county to be a potential lifeline to victims and those at risk. Contact Tulare County District Attorney’s Office to get posters.

Download Trilingual Poster Here

See more ways to get involved here

Tulare County Human Trafficking Resources YouTube Channel

The Tulare County Human Trafficking Resources YouTube Channel has many playlists to provide training, education, and tools to help build awareness and compassion. Below are two of these playlists. Human Trafficking In The Central Valley feature local information and awareness, important when showing that human trafficking happens here.  Human Trafficking PSAs has short awareness clips that can be shared to reach victims and potential lifelines in the community.