It’s HOT. Here are places to find shelter from the heat.

Cooling centers

No doubt about it: The weather in Tulare County has been unusual, with wonderfully, unseasonably cooler weather.

Now, we’re starting to see temperatures rise into the 100s. Not only is in uncomfortable, but it can be dangerous, especially for children, the elderly, and those with chronic illnesses.  A weather advisory was issued today warning of tempratures rising above 105 Sunday through Tuesday, and recommended people take precautions to stay out of the sun and heat to avoid heat related illnesses.

Prolonged exposure to heat and direct sun can cause heat exhaustion, cramps, headaches, and more severely, heat stroke.

The weather advisory recommends staying inside, out of the sun, where it is not hot.

If you don’t have adequate cooling in your home, go somewhere that does. Go to a friend or family members’ home during extreme heat or use local location that provide a cool place to sty safe. Here are some resources:

  1. Cooling centers  Tulare County has emergency cooling centers- places the public can go when the weather is hot, throughout the county. Go to this site, the Cooling Center and Heat Safety page of the County of Tulare to find a location near you. Many of these locations also provide free lunches to those under 18.

    A map of cooling centers as of June 2 on the Cooling Center and Heat Safety page of the County of Tulare website. Visit the site to find current locations.

    2. Libaries Beat the heat and also provide a great place for children to learn and enjoy themselves. The Tulare County Public Libraries also have special summer programs for children to enjoy. Visit the Tulare County Libraries calendar page here or the online calendar for the library near you.


    3. Local attractions Communities have different places indoors to bring families. What is available in your community? Comment below!