Get Support

For immediate assistance in an emergency, call 911

**For crisis assistance and general information about Tulare County Mental Health services call 1-800-320-1616 or 1-800-730-9922.**

If you are feeling suicidal and need to talk to someone call 1-800-273-TALK (8255),

Tulare County has services to help families and promote child well being. You aren't alone.

Below is a partial list of services and resources in Tulare County.

211 intelliful for Tulare and Kings Counties
211 intelliful for Tulare and Kings Counties

Tulare 211- Information on local services

For more services, visit 211Tulare or call 211.

211 Tulare provides information on the local services you seeking.

211 Tulare County now has a easy to use app! Download 211 Intelliful and activate your location to find information on the services you need! 211 Intelliful is available on Android phones and iPhones.

Parent Resources

VROOM provides free creative tools and materials to help build up a child's brain and  inspire families to turn everyday moments into brain building moments. Visit the website for online tools! 

Vroom also offers a FREE Daily Vroom app that provides families and caregivers with brain-building moments.  See website for details.