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CAPC seeks to partner with communities in Tulare County to become Communities for Child Well-Being. This is a multi-faceted effort led by the community itself, with the support of CAPC. If you are interested in your community partnering with CAPC to be a Community For Well-Being, contact CAPC.

Dinuba: The Newest Community For Child Well-Being

On June 27, 2016, The Woodlake City Council made a proclamation that Woodlake is a Community For Child Well-Being.

Woodlake welcomed The Lisa Project in 10 in March 2016. They are currently partnering with CAPC to develop efforts to promote child well being.

See our latest article with the messages from Woodlake Mayor Rudy Mendoza and CAPC Executive Director Ramona Chiapa.


Our first Community For Child Well-Being is Farmersville:

Farmersville Community for Child Well Being is a project of the Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention Council designed to address and reduce the incidence of abuse and neglect in the community of Farmersville by:

  • Working collaboratively with all aspects of the community.
  • Bringing awareness and engagement of community members to focus on comprehensive child well being.
  • Providing health and well being activities for parents, such as a daily dance therapy group.


Since 2012, the community of Farmersville, in partnership with CAPC though a grant on Community Based Child Abuse prevention, have been developing activities to promote child well-being, including classes, workshops, and events.

On December 14, the Farmersville City Council approved a request by 750 community members to name Farmersville as a "Community for Child Well-Being," and made a proclamation at their meeting. Farmersville is the first community in Tulare County, and possibly the nation, to make such a proclamation.

“Community For Child Well-Being” Bench

child-abuse-preventioin-bear-bench-postOn April 28, Farmersville dedicated the first ever children’s bench proclaiming that Farmersville is dedicated to being a Community for Child Well-Being. The bench is located in front of the White Church/Museum at the corner of Farmersville Boulevard and Front Street.

The granite bench features a teddy bear reading a children’s book. The bench has the inscription “Dedicated To The Well Being Of All Children” and is a symbol and reminder that we are responsible for all the children in our community. The title of the book is "Sophia's Story." Sophia was a victim of child abuse and murder. (Read about her story here) She represents all children. The community's goal is to no longer have other child abuse tragedies like Sophia's.

The bench was developed in collaboration with the community, who raised funds for the project. The bench is a visual reminder of the commitment of the community to be a community for child well-being.

The goal is that other communities will follow Farmerville by becoming communities of child well-being.

Continued Efforts

CAPC and the community will continue collect data on an annual basis to advise the city council and community members on how the children of the community are doing in as many areas as can be documented.
Contact CAPC about becoming a Community For Child Well-Being.

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