The Lisa Project in 10 is a ten  minute, simplified version of the original The Lisa Project.

Costs range from $1000 a day and up, depending on expenses. Price includes promotional bookmarks with the date, times, location, resource cards, and other pertinent information as well as silicone bracelets for participants to take with them.

iPods are provided in English and Spanish narration.


The Lisa Project can be shown in any interior space that has at least 500 sq ft and power outlets.

This is a “walk through” experience with constructed drapes and set design and lighting to immerse the visitor into the experience.
The hosting entity will need to provide staff, students, or volunteers to assist with the exhibit while it is open to participant. CAPC will train staff prior to the exhibit opening.

Information for schools:

If at a school, we require that all students be at least 12 years of age, due to content. We will provide pre/post curriculum.


I am interested in bringing The Lisa Project to my community:


Date requested:

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY

You will be contacted for scheduling availability and information.

lisa in 10