6 Ways to Respond to Child Sex Trafficking in Tulare County

Child sex trafficking is happening here in Tulare County.

In September, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department concluded an investigation that led to the identification of 50 victims, women and children, in a sex trafficking ring in Tulare County. The siting, called Operation Baby Face, led to the arrest of three Tulare County men charged with human trafficking. In 2016, the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office has numerous cases regarding human trafficking that include child sex trafficking.

We are grateful for the work of the TCDA and TCSD. We are also thankful for Tulare County Child Welfare Services, Family Services of Tulare County, and other entities that are doing training, outreach, and services to address commercial sexual exploitation of children.

However, we need you.

We need the community to be informed and be the eyes and ears that may spot a possible trafficking victims.

January is National Human Trafficking and Slavery Awareness month. Take action.

Please visit and share our Human Trafficking Awareness page for information and resources regarding human trafficking. CAPC also runs the Tulare County Human Trafficking Resources website with further information.

So how can you get involved?

  1. Learn the signs of potential trafficking. Sometimes, simply knowing that what “feels off” might be human trafficking has led people to get help that has resulted in a victim getting free. If you suspect human trafficking, use the National Human Trafficking Hotline to seek help.


  1. Save the National Human Trafficking Hotline number in your phone: 888-373-7888. The hotline is run by lead human trafficking organization Polaris Project. Call if you suspect trafficking, if you are a victim, or you simply need information. The hotline will provide the help and information you need wherever you are. Or text Help or Info to BeFree (233733). There have been numerous cases, including one particular local situation of which I been involved, in which someone knew something sounded like trafficking, and used the number saved on their phone to get help.


  1. Watch and share Chosen and Chosen Gang Edition. These short videos are designed to provide valuable prevention education for youth and adults. They are available on YouTube and in the CAPC library. Share with groups. Pass it on on social media.


  1. Schedule for a speaker to give a presentation or provide training for your group or workplace. We have several professional agencies, including TCDA, TCSD, FSTC, and CWS, who provide trainings and presentations. See more information and contact details.


  1. Help get TCDA’s human trafficking outreach poster up in locations around your community. These posters could provide lifesaving information to a trafficking victim. Download the poster here or contact the DA’s office to get posters.


  1. Plan to take part in Freedom Sunday on February 26. This day has been set aside by the Central Valley Justice Coalition for churches and other groups in the Central Valley to focus on human trafficking. See our information and resources.

See our Human Trafficking Resources page on the CAPC website.