Child abuse is everyone’s business

It shouldn't hurt to be a child. Be their voice.

Connect with us:
631 W. School Ave., Ste. 3
Visalia 93291

If you suspect abuse or neglect, make the call: 911 in case of emergency

or Child Welfare Service Hotline (24/7): 1-800-331-1585


The Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention exists to provide resources and leadership to effectively address child abuse issues and promote child well being.  Use our online resources and connect with us to be part of the solution in your family, your job, and your community.

The Lisa Project in 10: Some Secrets Should Be Told

The Lisa Project 10 is a ten minute interactive experience about child abuse prevention that takes you into the experience of child victims of abuse.

Bring The Lisa Project in 10 to your community, school, business, event, etc...

Communities For Child Well Being

CAPC seeks to partner with communities in Tulare County to become Communities for Child Well Being. This is a multi-faceted effort led by the community itself, with the support of CAPC.

Addressing Child Sex Trafficking

Child Sex Trafficking is a reality in Tulare County.

CAPC has resources to help you prevent child sex trafficking in our county.

1 in 11 Children in Tulare County are reported as abuse victims.

Listen to their stories. Change the story.